Business Intellgence

ONFO offers a customised service which is developed according to our client’s individual requirements. We…

  • offer a flexible Management information service.
  • develop report templates according to our client’s requirements.
  • distribute our reports to the end-users on a regular basis, or when requested.
  • include a summary of our analysis and interpretation of the information presented in the reports.
  • do exception reporting and publish long-term trends.
  • do reporting to assist with system maintenance (e.g. identify defective odo-/hour meters on a Fuel management system).
  • contact our end-users with exceptions.
  • identify opportunities for savings and assist with the quantification of savings.
  • generate information for once-off requests within a short time period.
  • assist with investigations, e.g. the design of fleet trials, analysis of the data generated and an interpretation of the results.
  • do benchmarking.
  • continuously improve our reports – to ensure they remain relevant.
  • visit our end-users regularly to stay up to date with ever-changing user requirements.

From various datasets to Business Intelligence
It is important to note that ONFO delivers an Information Service, and does not sell computer software. The only software that we might install on our client’s network would be to aid in establishing a regular data supply to ONFO. In fact, ONFO receives data from the client on a regular basis, analyses it (using ONFO’s database and related software) and then returns the management reports and analysis to the end-users.

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