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Fuel and lubricant applications, specifications, failure analysis and root cause analysis

  • It is essential to understand fluid specifications in any operation to ensure that the correct products are being used in the applications. This can not only save time and money, but potentially extend the life of your valuable assets.
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  • Failures are costly in any business, but they are also inevitable. You can learn from bad experiences by finding the “root cause” and making sure it does not reoccur.
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  • Critical fluids (Fuel, lubricant, etc) as well as lubrication surveys are essential in understanding the operation of your business. From a safety and fit for use perspective, it should be audited to minimise the risks associated with the use there of.

With ONFO’s numerous years of experience in the petroleum and automotive industries and combining this with our business intelligence services, value can be added to data and to your bottom line.

ONFO with more than 15 years experience in this area can assist your business